Monday, September 26, 2005

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School districts going to the well
Star Tribune - The bill is coming due for some of the hundreds of millions of dollars in additional school money the state Legislature approved last summer. School boards across the state are signing off on tax increases now allowed or mandated under state law.

Ex-Roslyn School Chief Admits Stealing $2 Million
New York Times - Skip to next paragraph Enlarge This Image Ed Betz/Associated Press Frank Tassone, the ex-Roslyn schools chief, pleaded guilty today to stealing millions of dollars from New York. guilty today to stealing $2 million from the school system over a period of six years, and agreed remarkable, most extraordinary theft'from a school system in American history.Mr

Ex-Roslyn School Chief Admits Stealing Millions From New York
New York Times - Filed at 11:15 a.m. ET MINEOLA, N.Y. ( has called the'most extraordinary theft'from a school system'in American history Many, including former school board president William Costigan, said they were dissatisfied


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