Monday, October 17, 2005

School - candy shop

Prof says evolution fails to explain some biological processes
Seattle Times - Behe was the first witness called by a school board that is requiring students to hear a statement Lawyers for the Dover Area School Board began presenting their case today

Rumsfeld: Secretive China creates suspicion
MSNBC - BEIJING - Defense Secretary Donald H. Gangchuan, and to speak at the Central Party School, the Communist Party's top training center for mid Hu was the school's president before he became the Communist Party general

Cutting Fuel And Field Trips
11 Alive - The state's school buses run on diesel fuel, and the shortage experienced from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita forced a normal year, 35,000 school kids will visit the museum, but

Magnet with animal theme is coming
St. Petersburg Times - Parent meeting School district officials will explain their plans for Cahoon Elementary at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the school, 2312 E Yukon St.

ROYAL OAK: Bond proposal will provide long-needed upgrades in school facilities
The Detroit Free Press - Voters should stop trying to deny this connection and stand in support of the school district's latest effort to renovate and repair its schools through a $69.5-million bond.

Innocence lost in high school sports
Chicago Sun-Times - Columnists Banks Couch De Luca Mariotti Mulligan Slezak Quick Hits Rapoport Telander Fantasy Football RSS feeds It's only the middle of October and I'm really tired. off-the-field antics in the world of high school sports. Already we have two lawsuits and two the country, the Illinois High School Association's board voted in March to

Wallace finds Pitt is perfect
New York Daily News - Austin Wallace knew what he wanted. First off, the 6-9 power forward from LaSalle wanted to go straight to college, not to prep school like some colleges wanted him to. He wanted a campus out of the city, but not too far. want to go to a school because of a head coach or

School Trips Run Out Of Gas
11 Alive - of gasoline have reached into the classroom. Some school districts are canceling field trips and more on to charter a bus. Other school districts are taking more drastic measures

Five dead in Wisconsin school band bus crash
Reuters - The Wisconsin Highway Patrol said the dead were the bus driver, three adults traveling with the band as it returned from a competition and an 11-year-old girl also on board the bus. Wisconsin school band bus crash Sun Oct 16, 2005 08:40 PM ET CHICAGO (Reuters) - Four adults when a bus carrying high school band members hit a tractor-trailer


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